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"She's created a myriad of proprietary blends ranging from the sweetest sweet to richest savory. All of which she refers

to as “ultra-decadent”.

Donvenia " French" Jackson is a Chef /Owner of French Toast Connection , a food company specializing in a gourmet spin on the classic breakfast staple. Donvenia uses her creativity to develop dynamic and fun flavor offerings. Chef Donvenia has always had a passion for cooking and prides herself on her ability to turn the mundane to marvelous.

She started French Toast Connection in 2017  while living in Atlanta because she has a passion for cooking and felt that the glory of French Toast has gone underserved and misrepresented in many culinary offerings. Instead of focusing on bread Chef Donvenia felt it better to focus on the batter to elevate the flavor profile of French Toast. She's created a myriad of proprietary blends ranging from the 

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sweetest sweet to richest savory. All of which she refers to as “ultra-decadent”.

Chef French recently expanded French Toast Connections to include Connection Culinary Collective  under which she provides  Culinary offerings beyond French  Toast,   Restuarant & Food Business Consulting, and  Community for Chefs. She is constantly working to expand her brand by taking on new challenges including vegan and gluten free creations.

A native of East Baltimore, MD, Chef French moved back home in 2021.  In her spare time Chef French enjoys exploring her the area as it were new all while tasting great food and building "connections". Chef Donvenia holds a B.S. in Management Science from Coppin State University in Baltimore and has worked in the auto insurance industry for  over 15 years. 

Chef French can be contacted through social media on Facebook: French Toast Connection ATL ; Instagram : @frenchtoastconnection; and 

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